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Welcome to RLF Victor Productions Ltd., an independent film production company founded in 2008 by successful entertainment entrepreneurs Ricki Landers Friedlander and Cindy Friedlander. RLF Victor Productions develops, produces and finances a proven, profitable genre of commercial theatrical motion pictures and select television projects cultivated for their mass appeal and marketability on all levels.

RLF Victor Productions is proud to announce pre-production is in motion on the first feature film ever developed on the inside story of Elvis Presley.

Fame & Fortune

is an intimate account of the relationship of Sonny West with Elvis Presley written by Cindy Friedlander, Sonny West and Michael Schlau and based on the book Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business, written by Sonny West with Marshall Terrill.

Fame & Fortune will be directed by acclaimed writer/director John Scheinfeld who directed, wrote and produced the acclaimed documentaries Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everybody Talkin' About Him)? and The U.S. vs. John Lennon, which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival.

Sonny West, an intimate member of the King's entourage known as the Memphis Mafia was a close friend and bodyguard of Elvis for sixteen years. Fired without notice or severance pay after making repeated attempts to stem the flow of prescription drugs to Elvis, he and his cousin Red wrote the first tell all book about the truth behind the Elvis image in 1977 published two weeks prior to Elvis's untimely death.

Polarized by the Elvis fan world as either the savior of Elvis who never had a chance to save the King, or the demon who drove Elvis into his final whirlwind of drug taking in his despair over knowing the tell all book would be released, Sonny's life story sizzles with the heights of drama. From living the roller coaster high life of celebrity success and excess to desperately using all measures to pull the man he loved most out of a spiral of prescription drug abuse, this story pulls out all the stops.

Elvis was a complicated star, deeply wounded by the early loss of his ultra close mother, confused by the implications of losing his twin Jesse Garon in the womb, and searching for spiritual meaning for the incredible life he had been granted. An incredible talent who suffered the embarrassment of acting in a string of banal chick flick musical movies, while the Beatles changed the face of music and aware of his laughable image, Elvis reinvented himself with the "'68 Comeback Special" and a new image with his never topped live shows in Las Vegas.

RLF Victor Productions is also proud to announce co-production on

"Rory Storm & The Hurricanes"

"For forty years, every band has wanted to be bigger than the Beatles. This is the true story of the one band that was... and its leader, Rory Storm."

RORY STORM AND THE HURRICANES is an electrifying mix of drama and comedy that celebrates sex, youth, and rock 'n' roll, set to the incendiary beat of the music that ignited a worldwide cultural revolution.

"Rory Storm and Ringo, they were professionals. We were amateurs. They really knew how to put on a show." John Lennon

Written by Paul Guay who conceived and co-wrote the Jim Carrey smash Liar, Liar (at the time of its release the sixth-highest-grossing comedy in history) and co-wrote The Little Rascals (Universal's second-highest-grossing film of its year) and Heartbreakers (which starred Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gene Hackman and Jason Lee and opened #1 at the box office).

To be directed by the outstanding Bronwyn Hughes, lauded for Forces of Nature, Harriet the Spy, and Stander, to distributed through G-Machine.

These films, and the individuals they are based on, have legions of dedicated fans, eager to share in the experience of their hero's lives.

RLF Victor Productions also owns rights to many other world music and entertainment personalities whose iconic stories continue to fascinate and intrigue generation after generation including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Rita Hayworth.

All of RLF Victor Productions' projects will employ proven box office talent, both in front of and behind the camera. In addition, each project will have outstanding music scores and soundtrack albums. Using music catalogs owned by, as well as music industry relationships cultivated by the two principals of RLF Victor Productions, and by capitalizing on the experience of those principals within the music industry, RLF Victor Productions will produce films with superior music scores and superior soundtrack albums that will distinguish our slate of films from others, placing them soundly within a proven box office winning genre.

RLF Victor Productions aims to energize the lucrative biography based niche market with our outstanding films and create our own brand cache for celebrity based life story films.

Audiences will look forward to the next feature from the 'RLF Victor Productions brand', which will continue to deliver more of our high-quality, exciting storytelling experience coupled with market driven soundtracks.

RLF VICTOR PRODUCTIONS TAPS MUSIC BIO GURU, JOHN SCHEINFELD TO HELM ELVIS PRESLEY BODYGUARD BIOPIC FAME & FORTUNE, FILM TO BE THE FIRST-EVER THEATRICAL FEATURE ON THE BIG SCREEN about THE "KING OF ROCK 'N' ROLL" Los Angeles, Calif. (Sept. 6, 2011) - Acclaimed writer/director John Scheinfeld has tackled many icons in his illustrious career, including numerous feature documentaries and retrospectives of John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Frank Sinatra, Bette Midler, Nat King Cole, The Bee Gees, Rosemary Clooney, and Andy Williams amongst others - but none perhaps as big as the first-ever feature film biopic on "The King of Rock 'n' Roll." RLF Victor Productions Ltd. recently pegged the Emmy and Grammy nominee to direct Fame & Fortune, an adaptation of the 2007 best-selling book Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business written by Sonny West, (Elvis's bodyguard and confidant) with Marshall Terrill. Fame & Fortune is slated for theatrical release in 2012 to coincide with the 35th anniversary of Presley's death. "To be directing the first feature film about Elvis, arguably the most influential, beloved and popular entertainer of the 20th century, is a great honor," Scheinfeld said. "I'm very excited to be working with the entire RLF Victor team to bring this incredibly compelling, entertaining and deeply emotional story to the big screen." Scheinfeld directed, wrote and produced the acclaimed documentaries Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)? and The U.S. vs. John Lennon, which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival and will helm the theatrical biopic on Presley based on a script written by RLF Victor Productions president, Cindy Friedlander with Michael Schlau and Sonny West. "John Scheinfeld is the premier director of popular culture bios on music icons," said Ricki Landers Friedlander, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RLF Victor Productions. "Elvis Presley and Sonny West's story, which requires great sensitivity and understanding, couldn't be in more capable hands." Never before has Elvis "behind the scenes" been as intimately revealed. Sonny West, as Presley's bodyguard and best friend from 1960 to 1976, and who was an integral member of the famed singer's "Memphis Mafia", provides a unique "fly on the wall" perspective on his relationship with Elvis through Elvis's rocket ride to fame, professional ups and downs, mercurial temper, generous spirit, loves and losses. Through this journey the panorama of calamitous events that precipitated Presley's tragic decline will finally be told. RLF Victor has also partnered with industry veteran Todd Slater (Ray) to executive produce Fame & Fortune as well as a slate of celebrity biopics that includes RLF Victor's other current co-production, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. Slater has held top executive posts for Philip Anschutz Co., Paramount Pictures and Baldwin Entertainment Group. Slater is recognized as one of the top independent producers and consultants in Hollywood when it comes to financial modeling, media and film transactions, and the negotiation of structured film financing and distribution. Slater recently finished production on House Of Dust. "Ricki and Cindy Friedlander and John Scheinfeld have an incredible eye for how to build this film into a global property and their music knowledge and reputation is second to none. Telling this story along side them will be a fun ride," Slater said. Ricki Landers Friedlander has an extensive music industry background, with ownership of two top music studios and extensive music catalogues and he and partner Cindy Friedlander have helmed the production of many successful live entertainment packages. Fame & Fortune is being packaged by the Gersh Agency and will begin casting in the late fall.
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